Program Core Issues

Anglophone Literary Studies

Anglophone literary studies encompass seminars emerging from the disciplinary fields of American Studies, British Studies, and Postcolonial and Diaspora Studies. Among the core issues adressed are the following:

  • Anglophone literatures and cultural difference and diversity
  • Transculturation, transnationalism, and postcolonialism in/and Anglophone literatures and cultures
  • Diaspora, globalism, and cosmopolitanism in/and Anglophone literatures and cultures
  • Anglophone literatures and cultures and the global environmental humanities
  • Adaptation, intertextuality and media change in/and literary and visual media

Anglophone Linguistics

  • English worldwide - varieties of English in their cultural setting
  • Language, cognition and culture
  • Pragmatics in cross-cultural and intercultural communication
  • Translation as cross-cultural and intercultural communication
  • Electronic discourse

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