Glossary of German Terms

Hauptseminar (HS) = Advanced Seminar. Any HS seminar may be chosen as either A1.1 or A2. This type of seminar requires a considerable reading and research load; it does not offer introductory information but is based on discussions. The Course Commentary offers a full description. If chosen as A1.1, credit is gained by writing a seminar paper ("Hausarbeit": ca. 8500-9000 words) in the lecture-free period after the semester. The professor will announce submission deadlines. If chosen as A2, credit is gained by activities determined by the professor, usually essays.

Proseminar (PS) = Basic or First-Level Seminar. This type of seminar may be chosen as elective, to extend the range of choices, if a student desires. It usually offers introductory information on its topic for those who do not have advanced knowledge of it. Analytic discussions are often included. The Course Commentary offers a full description.

Blockseminar = A seminar that does not take place every week during the semester, but on several consecutive days or on particular days from morning to evening. It may be a basic or an advanced seminar.

Vorlesung (V) = Lecture. A lecture usually requires careful listening, with occasional questions.

Leistungsnachweis = Credit, with a grade/mark. Requirements are determined by the lecturer or seminar leader. A certificate is available from department secretary's office; you should fill in your data and submit the certificate to the lecturer or seminar leader.

Semesterapparat = Reserve shelf, in the central library. This is a collection of research sources for the topic of a seminar. The front desk will explain where to find it.

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