Choosing courses, first semester

For the purpose of choosing your classes in the first semester you have to know

  1. 1) the MAIAS curriculum which gives recommendations on which courses to take in your first semester
  2. 2) the list of courses that are offered during your first semster

You find the MAIAS curriculum here: Curriculum(pdf)

The list of courses (called "Courses with Comments...") is made available on the department homepage (column on the right, "News"). It is made available by the end of January (for the summer semester) or by the end of June (for the winter semester).
You can find the Department homepage here.

In the list of courses you can find a special section on MAIAS courses (towards the end). Beyond the MAIAS-specific courses listed there, you may choose further courses (marked PS or HS) from the other sections of the list of courses. This applies particularly to modules A 1.4 and C 1. You are fairly free to choose courses and to assign particular courses to a module.

For language courses (module B), a registration process in the Language Center is needed:
Registration for Language Courses
This also applies to the Style and Register course (A 1.3), which is usually offered only each winter semester.

The Module Handbook offers descriptions of course types and credit work, but not the variable courses actually offered in each semester. It can be found on the MAIAS homepage.

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