Dual Degree Program with Major University in Moscow (Linguistics)

Program profile


A comparison of different cultures and their forms of expression, with analysis of intercultural communication processes, is a focal area of research and teaching in the Humanities at Bayreuth. In the Intercultural Anglophone Studies program, the focus is on research in English and American Studies. The program enables in-depth and theoretically informed study of linguistic phenomena of English in its varieties. A wide range of forms of cultural expression are addressed. From various perspectives, this degree program enables the analysis of complex issues in culture and language, including inter- and transcultural issues.

Areas of international cultural cooperation or mediation of linguistically oriented intercultural competences offer a variety of vocational perspectives. Linguists are well qualified for vocational fields such as the following: media consultancy, communication and discourse training, corporate communication, language policy and language planning. Teaching at advanced level is a further field. This may extend to academic teaching and research.

International partnership

Our partner university is

Moscow City Teachers' Training University (MGPU / Russia)


MGPU is a major university in the heart of the Russian capital. It is partly devoted to the training of teachers, and partly to research-oriented scholarly competence outside the teaching profession. A focal area is the study of English Linguistics. With the advantage of an innovative partnership, MA students have the option of spending their second year at the partner institution (tuition will only be paid at the home institution). Each university will then grant its own MA degree. This program is taught in English at MGPU; knowledge of Russian is not compulsory, while Russian courses may be chosen to extend the partnership program. At MGPU, students may be accommodated in halls of residence (dorms).



Students who are interested in this program at the University of Bayreuth (already enrolled or before enrollment) are asked to consult Prof. Dr. Susanne Mühleisen: Susanne.Muehleisen@uni-bayreuth.de.

They should then submit evidence of successful completion of coursework (credit certificates), with a letter of motivation and CV, to the MA Moderator, Prof. Dr. Michael Steppat (office 1.09 in GW1). After approval, students should expect to prepare further documents and evidence as required by the visa authorities.

Students who are interested in this program at MGPU are asked to consult the Deputy Director of the Department of German Philology, Alexander Bazhanov.

Curriculum and module handbook

For further information, please see the following documents:


Statute governing this dual degree option

Module handbook (in English) describing this dual degree option

Admission requirements

Further information for incoming students

The participating disciplines

For an overview of research areas pursued in the program, please see the web pages of the English Linguistics chairs in our Department at Bayreuth (this web site). For MGPU, the home page in English enables access to Faculty Departments, then Department of English Studies (web information currently in Russian).

After arriving at the host institution

At Bayreuth, an introductory meeting will be announced by the chairs of English Linguistics. Please consult Prof. Dr. Susanne Mühleisen for initial information and counseling. At MGPU, please consult the Deputy Director of the Institute of Foreign Languages, Alexander Bazhanov.

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