Frequently asked Questions

How do I get study materials?

 In Bayreuth this is usually described in the course commentary, which is published on the web page of the English Department (Fakultäten, Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaftliche Fakultät, Fächer, Anglistische Fächer) for the coming semester. Books are generally available in the Central Library, electronic resources on the E-Learning platform (Moodle).

How do I go about writing a seminar paper in Bayreuth?

Each lecturer and professor will give some guidelines during a seminar. The paper for an Advanced Seminar is usually ca. 8500-9000 words in length. Our web page "Studium / Materialien" includes descriptions of procedure and style.

How do I find a topic for the MA thesis?

A student should discuss proposals for a topic with a professor or lecturer, whom the student may choose. Topics can relate to the subject matter of a particular seminar, but do not have to. In Bayreuth, a thesis is usually about 70-80 pages in length. It will not be defended; the topics chosen for the written examination in Bayreuth are not identical with the topic of the thesis. A student does not have to be resident in Bayreuth while writing a thesis, though a student needs to find the necessary resources for the thesis topic and visa conditions have to be observed.


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