Frequently asked Questions

Who is available for advice?

Make sure that you have arranged accommodation with Studentenwerk Oberfranken as early as possible after gaining admission, long before traveling. There is no assurance of accommodation after your arrival at Bayreuth. An address in or around Bayreuth is necessary for enrolment. You should contact the International Office for official matters. You should also contact the international students service team BISS through the International Office web page. You should get in touch with this team by e-mail before your arrival in Bayreuth. A member may be able to pick you up at the central station when you arrive

What documents do I need to bring with me?

Apart from identification documents and letter of admission, most important is evidence of health insurance. If your home country has a social insurance agreement with Germany, fill in form E111/E128. If you are privately insured in your home country, you need the form "Certification". If you have no adequate insurance, you may insure yourself for instance with "Techniker Krankenkasse" in UBT central administration building, upper floor, or during the introductory programme for international students.

How and where do I enroll?

Enrollment or matriculation takes place at "Studierendenkanzlei", central administration building. In order to enrol, you need to show evidence of payment of the contribution to "Studentenwerk", as well as evidence of health insurance and the UBT letter of admission. Important: At the beginning of your studies, you should submit evidence of a completed BA thesis to the moderator, if you have written such a thesis at your previous university. If no evidence is submitted and accepted, you will write a seminar paper in each of two Advanced Seminars, of your choice, in first and second semester.

How should I choose courses for the coming semester?

You should consult the pdf file “Course Commentary” (“Kommentiertes Vorlesungsverzeichnis”) on the department homepage (right-hand column, “news”), especially the MAIAS section. Then compare the lectures and seminars offered with the MAIAS curriculum (plan of studies) to fill the single modules. You have a range of choices within most module categories, depending on your interests. See the MAIAS moderator in the introductory meeting and/or right afterwards the MAIAS student assistant to get further advice for your course choices.

Where can I find information about language courses?

The Language Center is located on the ground floor of the Faculty building (GW1). Electronic registration for language courses and for "Style and Register" is compulsory, before or at the beginning of lecture time in any semester; see instructions on Language Center web site. Ms. Mary Redmond (Language Center, English) is available for consultation if you are not sure about the procedure.


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